993 Turbo Cabriolet Specifications

For the base price of 264,000 DM, the 993 Turbo Cabriolet offered the look and feel of the new top of the line Porsche open top model with the raw power and performance of the venerable M64/50 single turbo 3.6 from 1994. The 993 chassis required little modification to accommodate the 3.6 Turbo powerplant. Some sheet metal changes were all that was really needed.






The carryover 3,600cc flat six cylinder Turbo engine produced 360HP @ 5,500 RPM and 384ftlb of torque @ 4,200 RPM. The rear wheel only drive train was designated to mate to the G50/21 ROW six speed gearbox with option code M219 ‘Open Differential’ indicating that the G50/21/01 spec transmission was to be used. However in production it appears that the prior turbo series G50/52 five speed transmission was actually used with option code M220 Limited Slip Differential which featured “asymmetrical” limited slip designed to limit lift off oversteer with 40% locking factor when the rear wheels are driven and up to 100% on overrun under extreme engine braking.



Beginning with the exterior and chassis, the body shell featured the 993 Cabriolet in stock form. The stock 993 interior trim was fully customizable typical to the Exclusive department. Power steering, electric windows, air conditioning, onboard computer and driver and passsenger airbags were standard.



Running gear was a combination of 964 and 993 specification. Rear suspension was the new multi-link design, brakes were carry over 322/32 mm front and 298/28 mm rear ‘Big Reds’ and wheels were 17″ Cup Design with and Continentals fitted.



All exterior, interior and performance options were available. Standard assigned special options included 566 rectangular front fog lights, XE2 4 pipe exhaust tips, X82 M64/50 engine and X93 1994 Turbo S rear spoiler.